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Hydrostatic Equipment Remanufacture Repair Exchange

Manufacturers and Suppliers


We build new revenue streams within existing and outside traditional sales channels and markets. We target specific industries, in specific geographic locations relative to specific mobile and industrial applications.  In the process, we:

  • Build demand for your products
  • Build sales networks
  • Build quality inventories
  • Build competitive pricing structures
  • Build cost-effective operating procedures
  • Build on existing and new business relationships

Independent Contracting Benefits


Our Independent Contracting service saves your business the expense of hiring full time permanent employees and associated retention costs.

  • No need to provide medical/health insurance
  • No employee payroll taxes/contributions (Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Compensation, Workman’s Compensation)
  • No 401K matching benefits
  • No pension benefits
  • No office space & equipment costs
  • Increased staffing flexibility – project/time specific hiring
  • No risk, sales generation offsets cost